January 8, 2020 12:00

Just for fun, I've added "dark mode" to my website.

Specifically the homepage, resume, blog, photography, soccer, and about pages.

The only page that currently may still blind you is "My Ferrets"

It automatically adjusts based on your device's settings. Try it out!


August 28, 2015 23:33

I finally finished converting my site entirely into Laravel 5.

In addition, I've started using a bunch of awesome packages:

  • Parsedown (all blog posts are written in Markdown now)
  • SimpleImage to resize photos
  • Highlight.js for syntax highlighting in blog posts (see the previous post)
  • Dropzone for drag and drop photo uploads (in my private admin section)
  • Font Awesome for scalable icons in a bunch of places
  • Bower to manage all of those front-end dependencies and keep my repository clean

I've also done some major redesign, the most noticeable ones being the homepage and photography pages. Photos now scale to fit your window. As a result I decided to increase the quality of the photos as well, from 800 pixels wide to 1600.

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February 28, 2013 09:30

My laptop died on Tuesday so I bought a new 14" HP laptop with 32 GB of express cache and Windows 8. I love the new start screen and I found a nice tool called OlbyTile which lets you create nice looking tiles for your program shortcuts.

I also found a bunch of good icons online, but some of my programs were missing icons, so I made them.

This package includes FastStone Photo Resizer, Finale Notepad, Google Chrome, iTunes, PNG Gauntlet, PuTTYgen, TortoiseSVN, and WampServer.

Update: added Battle for Wesnoth and Finale Songwriter.

Download Windows-8-Metro-icons.zip

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February 17, 2013 07:40

I've redesigned the website and I think it looks 1,000 times better. Still working on some pages, especially the home page and photography, while others have been moved around / split up, e.g. "about" is now mostly in "resume" (and resume is now a page and not a direct PDF download).

I added a new tab for my Viper and I'll be adding more for "travel", although I haven't really traveled, I do have a lot of pictures of Chicago, Boston, and London that I want to share. I intend the website to be more of a place where family/friends can keep updated, and less of a job portfolio focus.

And finally, make sure you check it out on your phone! That's right, andrewtweber.com is now mobile-friendly.


May 10, 2011 18:27

I added some more photos of cars I've taken recently. This is really just an excuse to test my new blog admin panel though.

Rick and Dan's Lamborghinis in Indianapolis

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