This website was designed and coded, front and back, entirely by me. That goes for every project on this page, actually.

Midwest SCC

Founded the club in 2006, and built a forum in PHP. Rewritten ~8,000 times.

Social website for car spotters and enthusiasts

Grapefruit Fruits

Easily check what's in season now when you're at the grocery store


Tool I built for myself to balance my budget and track bills. Laravel website + Swift 2 iOS app.

Travel Sports

For travel sports parents, coaches, clubs, rinks, etc

New Attnam

Gaming forum with live websocket chat, GitHub integration, and more. Built with Laravel and Vue.js.


Pulls trending video from around the web


Helps you pick an Open Source Software license


Simple SDK for any RESTful API


Slugged models for Laravel Eloquent


Linux and OSX scripts and config files