Andrew Weber

University of Notre Dame, CSE 40166, Fall 2008

These are some programs I created for Dr. John Stewman's CSE 40166 Computer Graphics course in the Fall 2008 semester. As you will see, the quality of graphics between each program grows in leaps and bounds. I enjoyed the fast pace of this course and was especially excited once we started getting into 3D graphics using textures and lighting.

Each download file contains source code and Linux and Windows binaries.
You can also download the entire collection of programs: (11,409k)

Assignment 4 3D textured autobot

November 4, 2008

Transformer Transformer Transformer

Download (1,559k)

Midterm Project BreakfAsteroids

October 15, 2008

Collaboration with Tyler Emptage, Tommy Walton, and Rob Wettach.

Our classmates voted BreakfAsteroids as their favorite midterm project.

Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

Note: On Mac, you will need to right click and click "Open" to run it the first time. (374k) (250k)

Final Project Rapid Procrastination Graphics Engine

Collaboration with Tyler Emptage, Tommy Walton, and Rob Wettach.


Arrow keys - Move player around.
C - loop through camera modes
Spacebar - activate objects, pick up items, talk to NPCs
Tab - view inventory, stats, and mini-map
Cheat codes - figure these out yourself :)

Note: the Mac version is buggy. (3,779k) (3,221k)

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